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Dinosaurs for hire

Present our amazingly realistic Raptor Dinosaur. He looks, moves, acts and sounds like the real thing! Scary or Friendly you can decide!

You can hire our 4-metre long Raptor with our trained operator to entertain you and you will really believe you are meeting a real live dinosaur. Why not be the dinosaur yourself? Unlike other companies we will allow you to use the costume yourself (with our supervision) then you can really say to others you were an old dinosaur!

Our dinosaur is available for any event you desire he can be very gentle and friendly. Children can take him for a walk or pat his nose. Or for a more adult theme why not make him sneak up on your unsuspecting guests with his terrifying roar!

There are so many options he can create quite a stir. whether a Private Party, Museum event, Public store opening the possibilities are endless – Sure to be the centre of attention! everyone will look twice and possibly run for cover! quite simply the most realistic dinosaur available in the UK right now.

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Make a memorable day for adult or chidren alike. Everybody must meet a dinosaur once in their lifetime


Theres no hiding a dinosaur, one sure way of creating attention for your special day or event.

Tourist Attractions:

Want to create an impact for your store or special event? No matter how big or small our Dinosaur will draw a crowd for the right reasons a memorable day for all.


Teach your School about prehistoric life, or for your special museum or culteral event.

Dinosaur Data:


Length: 4 Metres

Height: 3 Metres

Age: Cretaceous Period 71 million Years ago

Fully moveable hips

Hand controls for head, mouth,eyes, breath and sound

Realistic muscles and veins

Shoulder Harness and straps for operator

realistic jaw movement and eyelids even breathing

Cooling fan and viewing camera

External camera in neck

Realistic leg joints and movement

Foot sockets for operator

Realistic swaying tail

Realistic neck artery and texture

Stands 4m long and 2.5m high

Bear Prints
Bear Prints